Resulting Wind

When you are sailing, you are generating a wind on yourself due just to your movement and this is called apparent wind. The apparent wind combine with the real, natural wind, give a total wind, or Resulting Wind, which differs in strength and direction from the natural wind. So when you go sailing, once moving you will have a wind different from that of the weather forecast, and different from the wind you are feeling when still at anchor or dock. The knowledge of this different Resulting Wind is important for example for the choice of strategy, tack and for the choice of the sail to set up..

Tack Optimizer

The App Tack Optimizer (TO) will let you get the best from your boat whether you are in a race or in a passage. You simply enter your boat’s polar coordinates then, while sailing, you enter bearing, strength, and direction of the wind and TO will immediately calculate your best tack. Between a shorter, and slow tight tack, and a longer, and fast wide tack, it will be easily calculated by TO, the fastest way to reach your target, the fastest tack. TO also update you with sail parameters like speed VMG etc.

Passage Tracker

This App saves your passage coordinates, allows you retrace the track again with clear, and easy to view graphics, even in poor or no visibility, and without the use of expensive charts plotters. You can also share the passage file by email or Bluetooth with your friends who may wish to make the same difficult passage. All this and more from smart phone or tablet!

Passage Planner

This app, using the Pilot Charts (two centuries of weather statistics and accumulated information) is a must have if you wish to choose the right time and best sailing strategy for a medium/long passage. PP will give you the expected speed and weather conditions per each leg of the full passage and much more..

SF Cruiser

This app is similar to a cruising app with generic chart for monitoring your sailing progress i.e speed, course, bearing to Way Point etc. A key feature of SF Cruiser is its ability to update and memorize email addresses and send distress messages at the touch of a button.


A HUGE surprise for you. MP will be a very significant revolution and innovation in the sailing world. It will give to your sail boat the features of the maxiYachts!

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