Sailor Friend was founded by two friends: one a physicist and experienced sailor with many years sailing the oceans, and the other an amateur with big dreams of sailing the world. After much searching and many conversations about sailing and stories of the difficulties which sailors experience, the idea was born to create a formal website and application to give sailors a platform to share their experiences, find information about exotic destinations, and equally important, have access to a revolutionary database where sailors can search for sailing buddies.

We did several intense searches for destination information and specific people only to discover an expansive array of forums which, for the most part, never fulfilled our expectations. Sailor Friend cuts through the clutter and find people, places, and boats, giving you more time to enjoy the sailing experience.

We are sailors like you are, and we truly understand budget constraints, so the website and application is made FREE to allow as many sailors access to this amazing platform.

In addition to this database, we are also busy working on several other mobile applications which will soon be available to enhance your sailing experience.

We really hope that you find this website and application helpful, and we encourage you to invite your sailor friends and make a small contribution towards the database upkeep and development of future sailing application.

Welcome on board and thanks for joining us!

Ian & Leonardo

Your Sailor Friends!!!

Help us in the upkeep of this website and database by making a donation. A single dollar is welcome.